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Product Summary

When vacuum pumps are first turned on they usually emit a considerable quantity of oil vapors into the air. This oil mist not only contains oil but it also contains any contaminants that were in the oil within the pump.   Oil mist can build up on any surface within close proximity to the pump and can create a potential environmental and health hazards.

The oil mist eliminator contains a polypropylene filter with micro-pores to let pump exhaust through while trapping oil droplets which then condense and return to the pump. It also incorporates a safety valve to prevent pressure buildup in the pump when oil output is excessive and the cartridge becomes clogged, or in an over-pressure situation.



• Eliminates oil fumes
• Prevents loss of pump oil
• Returns used oil to pump

• Standard KF-25 fitting (adapters available)

• Long lasting polypropylene filter element (not paper)



• For use in general, non-corrosive environments
• Do not use in applications with high oxygen,         silane, or condensable vapor content

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   Part Number: OME-25         Oil Mist Eliminator                  only    $42.95  

   Part Number: OME-25F      Replacement Element            only    $12.00

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